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Socialists all in yo bidness?

So here's a spinoff from a comment I made to the last post.

Let's suppose for a minute that this country nationalizes healthcare, providing free or low cost medical coverage to all. Let's just pretend that happens and not argue over whether it should. I'm sure most of you know where I stand personally.

But if it does. . .

Since you would be paying for my addiction recovery program, would that give you the right and/or obligation to insist that me and all the other addicts out there knock that shit off? Would you be more inclined to condemn blatantly self-destructive behavior if you were forced to share the consequences of everyone's self-destructive behavior?

Right now most Americans live in a (delusional) bubble of "That's your problem, not mine." If my problem became your problem, would it pop that bubble and inspire you to get more up in my bidness? Or would you still pretend it wasn't your problem? Would you feel disenfranchised since, sure, you can throw my meth in a river and lock me in a closet till I detox, but it ain't gonna make a dent in the thousands of other meth-heads out there?

And there's the slippery slope element as well. Getting some community shunning going on for folks who engage in wantonly self-destructive behavior like drug use and violence is one thing, but telling me that I shouldn't be able to have my sixth baby because you're going to be paying for the delivery is another. And that slip slides even further down the eugenics slope. If you're paying for every delivery, would it not make sense to create societal disincentives for multiple children? (Hey, works in China, eh?)

Or maybe I just like my slip-n-slide. Wheeeee!

In any case, I actually have no passionate opinion about this thought experiment, but thought it might make for interesting discussion. Would living in a socialist country make you more inclined to voice your opinions about other people's choices?
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