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Something Just Occurred to Me

In thinking about the Democratic Presidential primary, something just occurred to me:

It's as if it's being written by Carlos, possibly in a PtK Larp style (maybe Reinhart and Ken are helping him out there).

I mean seriously, think about it. Not in terms of Obama and Clinton being PC's, but as though the game was a split game with PC's playing members of the Obama campaign, and others being part of the Hillary campaign.

This would be a story that was based around the 'campaiging' of the two campaigns as they continue to run across eachother, criss-crossing the states, each trying to set forward their particular arguments for their candidates.

One side (the Obama camp) clearly has the org advantage. They raise the money better, they have the better 'good guy' message, they have the better organization on the ground, they learn rapidly for all the curve balls thrown at them-- just like PC's. The Hillary camp isn't that far behind-- they represent the smaller group of PC's. Then there's the unaligned, the groups who are for the second tier candidates, and the slightly smaller group that is organized but doesn't have the numbers (John Edwards). In the distance is John McCain-- almost a classic Carlos arch-villian, the guy that used to be on your side but sold out, so now he has all your inside secrets and all the power of the dark side. He's the bigger external threat to both sides that occassionally the ST team uses to prod the PC's into doing something.

Things were hard fought up to the Iowa Caucus-- you could view the pre-Iowa stuff as the first few games. Everyone's still friendly, still hob-nobbing and the like. Iowa is where the money starts to happen-- the first major showdown between the two PC factions. Obama wins it on the numbers. Then it's on to New Hampshire-- Obama's group still has the organization and technically speaking the momentum-- but to make the story good Obama has to take a dive, and Hillary has to come out on top. Never mind that the Hillary success doesn't really fit into the equation-- a slim enough reason will do ("all the independents and Republicans crossovers voted in the Republican match-off for John McCain! That'll work!"). That sets the stage for a dramatic exit by John Edwards, and sets the stage for Nevada, which works out as a tie-- Obama wins the delegates (which the ST team knows will matter more down the road) while Clinton wins the state just barely. Whoever is playing Bill Clinton botches his bid to play the race card, and then it's on to North Carolina, where Obama turns up smelling roses. On to Super-Tuesday!

Super-Tuesday comes, but they've decided to extend this whole PvP portion of the game, because it's going so well. They'll have to shorten up the last half of the game, where the PC's coalesce against the bad guy later, but that's doable. The Super-Tuesday game-- the game where the PvP portion was supposed to wrap up-- turns into a highly dramatic setting, where once again things are split. By this point, it's clear that the Hillary camp has fewer players, and hence fewer background points to bring to bear in BGAs or BEA-- Between Election Actions. The Obama people probably wrapped up a larger chunk of the independent characters and found a deal with the Edwards folks. Hillary's camp wins the big states that they targeted their limited resources after the Obama camp hits on the brilliant strategic move of focusing on the small states as much as the big ones. Obama builds up a delegate lead, and carries more states.

The Clinton camp, looking at it's limited resources decides it will head to Ohio and Texas, and focuses all of their efforts there. This cedes everything in between to the Obama camp-- including dangerously the Potomac Primary, which was probably the game after the Supertuesday game. Potomac puts the Hilary camp into a panic, so they spend some of their limited BGA's to try to do something in Wisconsin, but it's not enough.

However, someone in the Clinton camp-- probably whoever is playing Mark Penn-- decides to go Dark Side. If you've ever played in a Carlos game, you know that going Dark Side will net you huge returns-- in the short-term. The Hillary camp goes negative, producing that 3am phone call spot. They go at Obama with the kitchen sink, everything in their arsenal. They even get the support of that most diabolical of NPC's, Rush Limbaugh. The ST team still has to consider the incredible amount of resources the Obama people are throwing at this, though-- so Hilary wins Ohio by a margin, and Rhode Island... Texas plays screwy, with the Texas two-step ultimately working out in Obama's favor in terms of delegates, but giving the Hilary camp the 'win' they needed to move forward.

Now it's on to Pennsylvania-- where quintessential dramatic questions will be stuff like whether or not more Hillary campers will go dark side, but also be a real test to see if the Hillary camp can get it's organizational game together. The bigger question is how far the Hillary players will go. Mathematically, at least, they know that unless they pull off a goddamn miracle they're going to lose, because they let themselves slide too far down the delegate count. The Hillary players are probably considering the option of burning out their current PC's at the end of this season (Juneish), and then GNCing as McCain supporters afterwards for the final couple arcs of the game.

Carlos-- you had better have a good goddamn ending planned out for this one.

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