a truly terrible apricot (swingland) wrote in strangehonor,
a truly terrible apricot

hey, it's me...mr. positive.

the world is changing. the world of the united states and this entire hemisphere, as we know it, is past. entering in is a new age. one where the pieces on the chess board have changed nationalities, allegiances, and assets. we are no longer the biggest player on the board. as once said by a good friend, every overt war is merely the public version of a secret war of hidden societies. in this case, though, i believe war merely be a contextual illusion for which business to transact without unnecessary prying eyes.

the seals are being made, my folks. the chains and shackles your little hairs feel are but the beginning. as you watch tv and placate your children with video games, the cold unforgiving steel of slavery and servitude will creep around your wrists and throats. it will be gradual. what would be considered ridiculous to give up a year ago will seem reasonable and rational to surrender the year after. oh if but our ancestors saw us now. what would they think?

but despair not. for as the sun sets on our little world, it blooms on another, for there are other worlds than this one. in india, in china, in japan, the sun rises. in russia, new life is blown into the cold lifeless cadaver. though it spells none the better for any of us, it is the reality that we will soon know. our children will. we will eventually be the third world country that we donated endless dollars to cure on some other side of the ocean. the religious zealots will gain control and we will be made to kneel at their mercy, for under their righteous sword of indignation, the greater masters of this whole game know that they are the easiest to placate and control. we will be forced to bow to some imaginary god figure that we will be told resembles something from a book that the zealots wrote themselves. rebels, what few will there ever be, will be scattered to the wind and destroyed. communism, socialism, all of these will be long forgotten terms that shy to describe the new despotism that will befall each and every one of us.

our artificial way of life will draw to an end. and it will not be at a time of our choosing or even in a manner of which we should see fit. the sceptor and the crown will be wretched from our hands, or will will hand it over peacefully and without protest. in the end, the conclusion is the same.

but on the other side of the world, perhaps they will discover the next steps. perhaps they who are not afraid to venture, will take some of our genetics off of this planet. perhaps they will find the holes in the time/space continuum and escape the vicious cycle of humanity. because we, as a race, are running out of time. the vicious realities to come in the near future are nothing compared to the pain and suffering we will have in fifty and one hundred years. this planet is hemorraging with us on top of it. it seeks to rid itself of our cancer. and while we turn with the cycles we have always turned with, it prepares and steels itself to trim the hedges of its own branches. for we are its ill begotten children and our spark-dream never realized. perhaps the new renaissance will carry some of us off of this planet. perhaps there is a chance for us out in the stars. for humanity is at its best when it has a boundless frontier, where its cycle can never fully catch up to itself, where there is always something to fight besides its own self. if not, then the planet and the universe will swallow us up whole and the darkness will forget we ever existed.
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