blahchewy (blahchewy) wrote in strangehonor,

The Boundaries of Trauma

So the following subject was recalled in conversation earlier today, and if anyone still follows this group or cares about LiveJournal, I'd love to see some debate:

To what extent does a society have a responsibility to care for an injury versus the individual's responsibility? Does this boundary change between physical and mental injuries? What does this imply about our perceptions and ethics?

"Injury" is being used in the context that it is used in all medical writing (I write medical textbooks for a living), that is, as any condition that manifests from outside influence, accident or infection. These terms are intentionally value-free.

And yes, I want to hear about all injuries; temporary, permanent, physical and mental. Tell me about "fair," tell me about "ethical," tell me about "effective." Let me hear the range of discussion.
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