My Life as the Thrill Kill Kult (thefowle) wrote in strangehonor,
My Life as the Thrill Kill Kult

Listen to your soul

Its glibly proscribed that the party is down in hell, that all the cool people end up there for various and assorted technical violations, and that heaven, in its respective contravention, is ambrosia sipping conservative boors and harp music. The dream of heaven is claimed as falsehood, because, fundamentally, the interesting people, those gray heroes, those heroes who struggled vainly against their world, often didnt play by the technical rules.

Lets throw out the book on this, and re-image heaven and hell to new accords. The first question is, what merits do we evaluate individuals on?

"You taught me one thing, the only thing, I should always remember?
Which is?
I forgot."

Heaven or hell appears fundamentally a measure of one's soul, and to what extents one has lived their life in direction and under prescription of their soul's guidance. Its a remarkably universal belief that one has to listen to one's soul, both eastern and western (albeit perhaps only as a function of the great karmic/daoist wheels of fate in some belief circles), that its us to up to play out the weight of judgment invested in something transcending our bodily selves.

What if we replace the conventional sing-song repentance rulebook with an actualization schema? Heaven is where those who followed their callings go, hell is where the supplicants to worldly convention and normality fall? Those of God's will, those who follow his and their own soul, hold court in heaven, their combined voice the aggregate Unity of being? The rest, those corrupted by the world, those who did not listen to the soul, left to cycle again and again until they can hear their own voice? I think here of the rapture of What Dreams May Come, the housewife Anne Nielsen, lost, a soul rent upon the barbs of a harsh reality, unable to imagine itself.

And what of this alter heaven? Is it open only to the blessed? What of modern monsters who followed their own unique callings? Is there room for aparthiedists, segregists, dictators, and capitalists? Of these, undoubtedly some felt that they had a destiny greater than themselves they were living out, that their atypical journey was a part of their truest self? How do we judge the cases where the soul contravenes the moralities of the world and goodness?
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