Reinhart (reinhart_sariel) wrote in strangehonor,

Something Old, Something New

[16:48] Reinhart Z: Oh, so I think I've discovered an old fetish that's just now becoming a fad in Japan.
[16:49] Blahchewy: What's that? Tree hugging? ATMs? Nun abuse?
[16:49] Reinhart Z: No, the key here is that it's an old fetish that the Japanese seem to have stumbled upon only recently . . .
[16:49] Reinhart Z: Crazy.
[16:50] Blahchewy: What?
[16:50] Reinhart Z: Crazy.
[16:50] Reinhart Z: Crazy girls.
[16:51] Reinhart Z: In the last few years there's been a dramatic increase of manic depressive tendencies in female romantic leads.
[16:51] Blahchewy: Shut the fuck up. It can't be that simple.
[16:52] Blahchewy: I mean, these are the Japanese we're talking about here.
[16:52] Reinhart Z: No, it's that "simple" but obviously it's going to cross into other fetishes.
[16:52] Blahchewy: Right.
[16:53] Reinhart Z: Expect crazy incestuous sisters and crazy maids or something . . .
[16:53] Reinhart Z: The new element is crazy.
[16:53] Reinhart Z: It will combine with anything and everything they can expose it to.
[16:53] Blahchewy: Arg.
[16:54] Reinhart Z: You know I'm rarely wrong about these things.
[16:58] Blahchewy: I do.
Tags: comedy, culture, sexuality
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