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I Will Welcome Our New Robot Overlords

"Did you see the Republican debates last night?" greeted Andy with his typical cheshire grin.

I looked up from the bench and shook my head.  I never suspected Andy paid any attention to politics.

Taking the seat next to me, Andy continued, "I think Giuliani is going to win.  He supports advances in industrial technology.  Technology that will take away our jobs."

"Hmmm?"  I really didn't know what to say.  As much as I like to discuss politics, it was still too early for me to shift into this topic.  For one thing, I couldn't tell if Andy was serious or not.  He seemed weirdly positive about his last statement. "I haven't really considered Giuliani as viable candidate yet.  What sort of technology is he promoting?"

"Oh, advances in industrial technology means robots." he laughed and then focused his eyes intensely on me.  "One worker robot is equal to three men!  Now you see why Giuliani is going to win."  Andy crossed his arms smugly as if he had just demonstrated some impressive conclusion.

"I don't think I follow."

"Giuliani is smart, he's tapping into the robot vote.  One robot is equal to three people, they just need to be able to vote first."  

His voice trailed a bit as his gaze drifted past the walkway.  He seemed genuinely sympathetic with this robot plight.  I figured I might as well amuse him.

"So how is robot suffrage going?"

"Hmmmm . . ." Andy stroked his chin and seemed focused on his hands for a moment.  I could tell he was seriously considering my question.  "Well, that's the trick, they need a politician that supports them in power.  So Giuliani needs to get elected first before he can cement his base with the robot vote.  But by supporting advanced technology he's supporting making more robots.  Eventually there will be enough to bring a change."

This seemed like slightly flawed logic, but it was hard to argue about an issue that was already so ungrounded.  "So when this happens I guess it's only a matter of time before we have some robot representatives then."

Andy suddenly looked back up at me, his eyes filled with excitement.  "Of course!  You'd just have to get enough of them elected at once.  Then they could link together to form a super-computer!"

"Or a super-senator?" I chuckled even as I realized how feeble my attempt at humor was.  Of course, there was one question that still nagged at me.  "What if Giuliani loses?  Or what if they won't let robots vote?"

"Well then," He paused for a moment, but I could tell Andy didn't even need to think about his answer.  "No one can stop the revolution."
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