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stupid thoughts

on the long car ride to mooresville last friday, i was talking to cristina about an idea i had, which is pretty much a useless one but one that sort of captured my attention for a little bit and took up some of the car ride in discussion.

what if the garden of eden was not a literal garden but a state of human being?  i will try to explain this idea.

(completely rhetorical)

in the beginning, when god(something) created man and woman, we were much like animals, not aware or caring that we didn't have clothing, merely going through our normal processes eating, defecating, mating.  the apple was not an apple at all but a step of human consciousness.  we became aware, we created an ego to filter and process the world around us.  we became separate entities aware of each other as distinct from ourselves.  this ego acted as a shield between us and the divine.  our ego matrix made us aware we were naked, thus adam and eve wore clothes.  the ego matrix was weak and fragile, so it wanted protection and comfort.  fear became the primary dominating tool through which humans would interact.  language became a way to communicate without telling truths.  dichotomy was implemented to further satiate the "us" and "them" catagories, which don't actually exist at any level but are just superimposed to make us feel like we have structure.

fear became the primary tool through which everything we created was in response to this fear.  fear dominated entire lifespans, decisions.  words, created out of fear, grew into barriers so great they separated large groups of people.  depending on the vocabulary, words could be used to limit the ability for humans to describe their surroundings.

the quest to communicate with the divine, and the rest of the universe, grew more and more difficult as more and more man-made constraints were put into play.

eventually, people sold the "idea" of communing with the universe and the idea became more and more perverted to the point that humans shunned the actual notion of the actual thing and were more interested in following the "steps" (man-made dogmas) created to attain notional views of immortality (which doesn't exist).

"love the lord, your god, above all others.  love thy neighbor as thy self.  this is the whole of the law and the prophet."

can any disagree with this?  perhaps, should you not believe in god.  but the second part, loving thy neighbor as thyself?  is this surely a disagreable statement?  and the last part as well, that between these two statements lies everything that one needs to truly commune and exist in our universe?

our lifespans are not infinite.  surely, this is evident by the certainty of death and the end of life as we are aware of it.  there is no mention of heaven towards afterlife.  the heaven that is attained, is attained here.  the kingdom of god is amongst the meakest and the humblest of men.  hell is also here and it is in our own gnashing of teeth and lamenting, both expressed in our actions and in our internal emotions.  and as i said before, as dichotomies merely exist to satiate our egos, let us remove that barrier.  heaven and hell are both amongst us as we breathe and live right here.  we choose, everyday, every waking moment, which one we will exist in. 

that is our gift.
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